No animal should be subjected to cruelty, including farm animals. But unfortunately, animals used for food are forced to endure inhumane living environments, and they are not adequately protected under existing laws.

A groundbreaking ballot initiative is now underway in Florida to outlaw the cruel confinement of pigs on industrialized factory farms. The effort seeks a ban on ˜gestation crates' - barren metal enclosures where breeding pigs are kept, pregnant, for the vast majority of their lives. These crates are just two feet wide, and the pigs cannot even turn around. They are forced to live in the crates for years, enduring as many as 8 or 10 pregnancies. Thousands of pigs may be crowded on factory farms - creating misery for the pigs while putrefying the air, contaminating groundwater, and threatening human health.

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Gestation crates are among the cruelest factory farming tools in use, and they cause pigs to suffer from crippling foot and joint disorders, muscle weakness, and lameness. The pigs have sores on their bodies from constantly rubbing against the bars of their enclosures. In addition, pigs confined in gestation crates experience chronic stress, frustration, depression, and other psychological disorders. They routinely exhibit neurotic coping behaviors, such as repetitive bar biting, sham chewing, and head waving. Gestation crates are so cruel that they have been outlawed in other countries, but tragically, they remain common in the United States. Click Here for a summary of the scientific evidence regarding welfare problems of pigs in gestation crates.

Concerned Floridians now have an unparalleled opportunity to outlaw this acute factory farm abuse and to keep corporate pig factories out of Florida by gathering signatures to place a measure to limit the confinement of pigs on the ballot for the 2002 election. Your help is urgently needed with this vital effort.

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To get involved, please contact:

Floridians for Humane Farms
P.O. Box 8487
Coral Springs, FL 33075

Phone: (954) 917-7654

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